Finnish Verbs

A native Windows Phone app


This was my first mobile phone app, I used the experience to study for the Microsoft mobile phone certification exam. The exam was Pro: Designing and Developing Windows Phone Applications (70-599), which I passed on March 5th 2012.

At the time of writing, the exam webpage can be found at

The app still works fairly well, even on newer versions of Windows Phone, however some of the platform implementations are a little outdated. In particular the jump list looks wrong when compared to the current platform implementation.

Despite being a very niche app, it still gets downloads almost daily, racking up several thousand in total since it's launch, which I think was in November 2011. It also, amazingly, reviews well across each of it's release regions, almost all are 4-5 star.

Below is the link to the US store page:


The main challenge with this app was data, with over 7,400 verbs and 985,000 conjugations in the system it quickly become a problem with load times and searching.

I ended up storing the data in XML files, with each file contain 25 verb definitions. Each definition includes the conjugations so the file size was between 10 - 200 KB per file

As well as definition files, I had category files, which listed all the verbs in that category, with a key, an example below is for a small category:

 1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 2 <ArrayOfVerb>
 3   <Verb v="taajentaa" p="1" />
 4   <Verb v="taajeta" p="2" />
 5   <Verb v="taamoa" p="3" />
 6   <Verb v="taantua" p="4" />
 7   <Verb v="taapertaa" p="5" />
 8   <Verb v="taaplata" p="6" />
 9   <Verb v="taarata" p="7" />
10   <Verb v="taata" p="8" />
11   <Verb v="tabuloida" p="9" />
12   <Verb v="taeta" p="10" />
13   ...
14   <Verb v="tömistä" p="487" />
15   <Verb v="töniä" p="488" />
16   <Verb v="tönäistä" p="489" />
17   <Verb v="töpeksiä" p="490" />
18   <Verb v="törmätä" p="491" />
19   <Verb v="törmäyttää" p="492" />
20   <Verb v="törröttää" p="493" />
21   <Verb v="törsätä" p="494" />
22   <Verb v="töykkiä" p="495" />
23   <Verb v="töytäistä" p="496" />
24   <Verb v="tööttäillä" p="497" />
25   <Verb v="töötätä" p="498" />
26 </ArrayOfVerb>

This system allowed me to easily search the category files for a verb and then work out what file the definition was in from it's p index. For example on the above list töykkiä is 495 so it must be in definition file 20.

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