MVVMCross not binding in release mode (textinputlayout)

Sep 5, 2017

A solution for fixing an issue where binding works in debug mode but not in release.


Bindings do not work in release mode, even though they are working fine in debug. This can happen when using some controls that are a not part of the “standard”.

In this case it was the following:



Adding the following to the LinkerPleaseInclude.cs file fixed the issue.

1 public void Include(Android.Support.Design.Widget.TextInputLayout text)
2 {
3     text.Hint = "" + text.Hint;
4     text.EditText.AfterTextChanged += (sender, args) => text.EditText.Text = "" + text.EditText.Text;
5     text.EditText.Hint = "" + text.EditText.Hint;
6 }