Genymotion adb Connect Device Offline

Jan 25, 2017

Fixing an issue where a Genymotion device always appears offline from within Parallels.


The Genymotion device connects OK, but it will always appear offline when listed in adb devices.

As such Visual Studio running inside Parallels can not deploy to the device.

Device Offline


  1. Close all existing Genymotion devices
  2. Kill any existing adb processes on the Mac
  3. Update the Genymotion settings to set a custom SDK path, but leave the path empty.
  4. Relaunch the Genymotion device
  5. When asked if you wish to use the default SDK select No



Close down all existing virtual devices and then in the Genymotion settings change the ABD to use a custom SDK, instead of entering a value, leave this field blank.

Genymotion settings

Kill adb

check Activity Monitor and kill any current adb processes.

Relaunch dialog

When restarting the device, ensure you select no at when given the SDK warning.

Genymotion SDK warning

Reconnect in Parallels

Reconnect to the device in Parallels and it should now work.

Genymotion connected