Things I want to remember

A bunch of stuff that I will forget unless I keep it here.

Protocol Buffers and Rust - example
Mar 31, 2019

A quick basic example of Protocol Buffers and Rust.

iconv - Change the encoding of a file
Sep 15, 2018

Terminal command to convert a file encoding.

rust - Initial setup with Visual Studio Code
Jan 5, 2018

What I had to do to get rust working in VS Code (not much!).

MVVMCross not binding in release mode (textinputlayout)
Sep 5, 2017

A solution for fixing an issue where binding works in debug mode but not in release.

Android Library Binding Project: How to modify the access modifier of an interface inside a class
Aug 29, 2017

The metadata XML tag needed to modify an interface inside a class when binding an Android library.